Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Delinquent blogger strikes again

Let's see some herd members to show off that I've acquired over the past year:

La Lluvia
A thrift store find along with the stallion(not pictured) and foal
from the same set, who is pictured below.

A raffle win along with the mare below. The Lunger TB is
now owned by my sister. 
A garage sale find by my mother, who called me when I was
over a thousand miles away in Idaho to pick out the "right"
models. Bless that woman. :D
(the find also netted a Grane, a Sucesion and Le Fire, and a
mess of Stablemates)
Noetic Chiasm
A Christmas 2012 present to myself. He's asking me for a harness
and a child's Western parade set. I must say I want to oblige him.
Luz del Sol
One of my most recent additions. I'd forgotten how much I
love this mold. Must get moar.
Outlaw James
The Stone Foundation QH in red dun has been a grail of mine
for years, and whenever the DAH program had this color
available I had no money to spend. Finally my "stars were
in aligment" on my birthday last year, and I was able to put in
an order the day before the color was discontinued again!
A Christmas 2012 present from my sister.
We are blessed to have a house with such a wonderful
natural view for taking model photos!
"Smudge" isn't new, he was found in Nebraska on a road trip
back in 2007. The hat was a freebie from a Blab member last year.
(bought sight unseen, I lucked out that it was the right hat
for the colorway, but I would have taken any color!)
Now he  just needs an ear replaced and he'll be as good as
Another herd member who really isn't "new", I only just recently
managed to get a nice photo of him. He was an antique store
find from Claycomo, MO, in 2009.

And that's all for the new pony parade. I hope everyone is having a nice spring so far (we only just now started opening windows again, spring is s-l-o-w to put in an appearance this far north!)

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