Monday, September 24, 2007

Well, la-dee-dah...

The Weymouth bridle sold for $59.95.

I decided to hold off on listing the harness until last night, it's up now with a minimum bid of $99.95.

Next up is a small Traditional scale all-purpose English saddle and snaffle bridle set. The bridle, like the Weymouth, will have Swarovski crystals in the browband, plus it will have a fleece saddle pad to match.

Also in the works are some customized Breyer dogs.

Preview pics to come!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

New blog, new tack

First post here! This will be my announcement list of sorts for new tack, tack for sale, and occasionally customs.

And to start off, here's a preview of what's going up on eBay tomorrow night:

First up is a dressage double bridle made for Breyer's Keltec Salinero mold. The last Weymouth I did had a stitched tinsel thread browband that mimicked jewelled browbands on real horse bridles. Then I found some Swarovski crystals that were actually small enough to look good on Traditional Breyers, and this was the result. It helped get "Hobbes"(my original finish Salinero) a second in Other English at Buccaneer Live last August!

Next is my latest harness, which was actually made earlier this year in March. It, too, was made for the Salinero mold, but I've found it also fits the old Breyer Adios mold. It's won both times I've shown it: first at American Heartland Live in March 2007 on "Hobbes"; and again in the Dayton Layman Memorial Harness Class at Buccaneer Live in August 2007, this time on "American Made", my OF Breyer Yellow Mount.

More tack coming soon! :)