Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A couple of new horses and a little improvising

I got some belated Christmas money and added a couple of new horses to the herd. I've been wanting GG Valentine and Heartbreaker for awhile now, mostly for tackmaking, but also because I love Eberls and this is the only way I can afford them at the moment.

This is Cleopatra, a new body for an old ID that once belonged to a "Tara" CWP (who is now re-ID'd as one of Cleo's daughters):

And her son "Kharavanserai":

The new place offers some nice outdoor photo backdrops, unfortunately at this time of year the sun's position in the sky tends to cast tree shadows everywhere. These were taken in the driveway in about a five foot long and four foot wide patch of shadow-free sun. The foreground "snow" is simply a white bath sheet.

And since my hobby tables were still packed at the time I took these, I had to improvise the platform a bit and used a TV tray table, a keyboard tray taken off a long-gone computer desk, and perched them both somewhat precariously atop a cooler. I think it all worked out, but I also think I'll bring home those folding tables on our next trip to the storage unit...

Monday, January 17, 2011

Shots from around our new home

We've moved to Vermont during these past few weeks, so Ghost Wolf Ranch, Dragon Ridge Studios/aka my sister Meredith, and our mother all now resides in Middlebury, VT. :) Oh, yes, and Si the cat, who turned out to be quite a good traveller! (now every time I pick up the carrier he comes running and hollering to go for a car ride!)

My supplies are currently in storage and will probably stay there until sometime later this week or early next, so I won't be working on tack until then.

Here's some shots of the gorgeous scenery we have up here. The mountains are called the Green Mountains. Enjoy!