Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Yellow, how are you?

I found a new source for not only 'roo lace, but colored 'roo lace. And it comes in some nice, brilliant colors, too. The yellow was my favorite out of the batch I bought, I thought it would look good on bays and chestnuts like Sparrowhawk here.

Doesn't look quite as nice on greys and grullas like Riddle, though, but I was just trying it out to see if it fit other models.

It also fits Flash...
...as well as old Amazon.

The lead is twisted cotton cord with yellow accents and a mini lanyard clip. The buckle holes were punched using an old mechanical pencil (thank you Jennifer Buxton for posting the tip in her blog!) This halter and lead is currently for sale on eBay.

I also got turquoise, pink, royal blue, and red to work with, so I'll be posting more photos soon...