Saturday, December 6, 2008

Might as well show this guy off

Awhile back I posted the in-progress photos of a Breyer Foxhound who was slowly being transformed into a field-type Pointer. He actually sold a couple of months ago but I never did post the completed photos. So here he is, better late than never:

I did all the resculpting, his left foreleg and right hind below the hock are built up completely from scratch. I also made the leather collar with nameplate and the orange "visibility" collar. My sister Meredith painted him.

A comparison photo with an original Foxhound model(sorry about the text, this was an eBay photo):

I was rather proud of this guy, I liked having the chance to do a little customizing of my own. I'm not much into painting(that's my sister's hobby) but sculpting is a lot of fun.

Until next time!