Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New eBay schtuff

Four strand round braid Arab halter, made for the Breyer Classic Arab Mare, which is actually an older piece, done earlier this year:

And the previously shown Cleveland Bay show set with Swarovski crystals:

Both are on eBay, click on the photos to go to the auctions. :)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

I'm on a roll...

Here's a sneak peek at my next eBay piece(still a WIP):

And a custom order that I actually finished last weekend, I just wanted the new owner to be the first one to see it(and to approve of it). ;) This is my latest harness, which would be harness number 8(9 if you count my first harness and the updated version I made from the first as two harnesses), a CM order for Joan in Massachusetts:

The new owner will be showing this on her Jazz Fusion at the New England Performance Challenge this weekend, and at Region X Regionals the weekend after. I wish her luck and lots of ribbons, and thank her for her order! :)

If anyone reading this is interested, my harness books are open for orders, as are my bridle books and collar bell books. See my vendor page at MH$P for more info:

Monday, October 22, 2007

New for the week of 10/21, this took me about six hours with two breaks.

And it is for sale on eBay: link!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

New stuff 10/04

Just completed last night, this bridle was made for the Breyer Nokota Horse, but as you can see it also fits the Missouri Fox Trotter:

Features the usual Rio Rondo cast and etched hardware, the strap tips are cut and shaped sterling silver bezel strips. I did a slit braid futurity knot on the browband, and used round lace for the reins and throatlatch for extra refinement. A very flashy bridle, it will be up for sale on eBay this Sunday!

And here's the saddle I've been working on, the bridle was put on hold:

This is an English all-purpose saddle, made for the Breyer "Flash" mold. A snaffle bridle with a fancy Swarovski crystal browband is also in the works, and if all goes well this set will be up on eBay Sunday as well. (edit 10/07 actually it will just be the saddle after all, turned out I didn't have enough buckles for the bridle. Oy vey.)