Thursday, March 20, 2008

Smallish update

The Wintersong harness and Cleveland Bay halter will be going up on eBay tonight, along with a few other items. :) Stay tuned to my eBay page, they'll go up between 7 and 7:30 Central:

Thursday, March 13, 2008

A long overdue update...

Here are some new items for your viewing pleasure:

A couple of fancy barn halters, one for Wintersong(sold) and one for the Cleveland Bay model( for sale on eBay. :)-

The Wintersong halter has the floss stitched into the lace, while the CB halter has a four strand flat braid glued on top of paper thin skived lace. Both methods produce a lovely result, I think!

And next up is the harness previewed in the previous post, now complete:

This harness uses Susan Bensema Young's patterns, as well as elements borrowed from harnesses shown in my Smucker's catalog. The browband has a six strand half round braid using red and green floss.

I've had some nice white leather lace lying around for awhile now, I was originally thinking about making a Draft show bridle, but I thought it would make for some nice bell straps instead. Since Wintersong's thick mane doesn't really allow for well-fitting collar bells, I took the opportunity to try some new bell straps in the form of chest drop bells(used the same way as a false martingale), and body bells:

Note the crupper: it had to be a false one whose straps are sticky waxed in place at the base of the tail, since a good length of his tail is attached to his butt. Non functioning buckles were added for a more realistic look.

This set is for sale on MH$P, click on the hyperlink to go to the sale page.

That's all for now, next time: some custom orders I've been working on. Until then! :)