Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Combination trail bridle/halters

I made a couple of these last year for a live show, and recently started making more. They're a lot of fun to make and something different for Trail and Other Performance.

Here's the headstall without the bits attached, making a halter (this bridle came with curb bit and snaffle bit options):

A mahogany bridle with all working mini clips, and a white bronze grazing bit by Sulser Saddlery:

And my latest, which is currently for sale on eBay:

This one has braided floss reins with a leather lead for a change, as well as red Swarovski crystals on the bit. The bit is a Rio Rondo W415 dee training bit, customized to a grazing bit with the "snaffle" portion clipped off and filed smooth.

I will be offering these for custom orders, prices will range from $45-$60 depending on options.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

March 09 update- Hungarian pairs harness

This was a slightly new experience for me, I've created many single harnesses but never a pairs harness of any kind. Many thanks to C Robertson for doing this trade for me, I've learned a lot and have new reference material to scour over and to inspire new creations. (plus I got my holy grail out of the deal to boot! I love my Chip!)

Modelled on "Sun Dog" and a JB Andrew which belongs to the customer(I nicknamed him "Bozeman" during his stay), this will be pulling a hearse and showing at Lone Star Live in a few weeks.

I put lobster clasps on the pole straps for easy on/off. Even someone as used to fiddling with tiny buckles as I am found this arrangement to be much less stressful! You can't find enough ways to reduce the amount of buckle-fiddling on a harness, let me tell you...

I was made aware of chainmail platelets by Susan Bensema-Young's book, and this was the first chance I've had to actually work with them. I rather think I like this look.

Here's Sun Dog unhitched from his partner. The hanging rein is the coupling rein, which atatches to the other horses's right side bit(and that horse's right rein attachs to SD's left side bit).

A study of the trace adjustor buckle.

Bridle study. The bits are brass RDLC elbow bits from The World Of Model Horse Collecting on eBay. The rest of the hardware is from Rio Rondo and Hobby Lobby. The feathers are black chicken feather fluff, trimmed down slightly to size.

And to wrap up, another full body shot...

Until next time!