Monday, November 30, 2009

Friesian sjees harness

A custom order, and a harness design that I'm using for the first time:

The saddle was made with a coke can "seat" with skiver stretched over it.

The blinker stays are adjustable...

And the reins are the cotton cord I've been using for leashes and lead ropes.

This is also the first harness I've made using tongue buckles! A bit more difficult than regular friction buckles, but I like the look and it's easier to adjust!

With the crupper attached. (whoops) These do not come with breeching, interestingly enough.

And last but not least, a new dog collar set for eBay, this time with some Swarovski bling:

Interesting what one can find around the house to take photos for eBay, the box the dog is standing on was a box for a bracelet that was a gift, and the backdrop is one of my old vet clinic scrubs. XD

eBay auction can be found here.

Until next time!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

And still more colored leather lace!

This one using the red lace, which looks pretty darn good on the Breyer Dalmatian (modelled here on "GW Hello Operator"). It is also for sale on eBay.

It also comes with a lead and a rope "bone" toy (dog isn't for sale).

Pretty in pink

More colored lace, this time Juliet is modelling a draft foal size barn halter. The chin and crown have tongue buckles and the throatlatch attaches with a mini lanyard clip. The lead, again, is twisted cotton cord.

Halter is currently for sale on eBay.

The cord is from JoAnne's and comes wrapped on a card in five yard lengths. It was fairly kinked because of the packaging (you can see this in the rope halter post below), so adapting a tip I found on the internet, I set about correcting this problem. I cut the length I needed plus a little extra (around an inch or so), soaked it in water, then anchored one end to a shelf and weighed down the other end with a "chip clip" plastic clothesline-type clip, so the cord hung down and dried stretched out. It dried in about ten minutes and now drapes beautifully.