Monday, September 26, 2011

New tack body

Been awhile since I bought a new model, and what fun it was to lie in wait for the mail truck again!

This handsome fellow is Stone's new Saddlebred mold, sculpted by artist Kathi Bogucki. Stone had several factory seconds on eBay at a reduced price, sold "as-is" with only the guarantee that he would come with a head, two ears, four legs, and a tail (!). And let me tell you- they weren't kidding. He looks fine from this angle, but up close... whoo. Prepper's nightmare. XD

But you can't beat paying $36 for a Traditional Bogucki sculpt! (trying not to notice that they dropped the price even more to $24... grr) I'm toying with the idea of having him painted eventually by my sister, but for now, he stays in his naked glossy white glory as a tack fitting body. Now he and my unpainted Palouse can start a nudist colony...

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